Please use this link to check open positions in our group.

  • Visiting Professors & Researchers

Applications welcome: Please forward a letter of intent and your resume for my consideration. All applicants must have their own financial support unless these visits are result of existing research activities between collaborators working on joint projects.

  • Post-Doctoral Position

No open positions at this time. You welcome to submit your resume to serve as a future reference if a position comes up.

  • PhD Positions

Current seeking a PhD Student to work with me in an NSF-funded project: Development of devices, circuits and antennas for wireless Network-on-Chip systems.

The candidate will design circuits components in ultra-high frequencies (100-500GHz) and develop wireless transceivers ultra-fast (? 10 gbps) wireless transceivers using ultra-small CMOS and Si/SiGe BiCMOS devices. Or s/he can also tackle the antenna design and e-mag propagation problems.

Interested candidates with MS in ultra-compact micro/milimeterwave antennas and devices, or in low-power and/or high performance RF-CMOS circuit design should email a resume for consideration. (

  • MS Positions

No open positions at this time: However, aspiring candidates  should apply to School of EECS directly. If selected for TA or RA funding, these students are free to contact me to join our team.

  • Undergraduate Lab Interns

Ohio University undergraduates are welcome for research in my group but should meet me in person and discuss their interests and expectations first. We can also accommodate students from tri-state area (Ohio, West Virgina & Kentucky) for short visits. Unfortunately our present capacity does not allow for overseas visitors and interns.