Here are some of the courses Dr. Kaya teaches in the School of Elec Eng & Comp Sci at Ohio University:

  • EE1023 Intr. to Digital Design
  • EE103 Intr. to Electronic and Computer Eng
  • EE3713 Probability & Statistics for EE
  • EE3343 Intermediate Electronics II
  • EE395 Intermediate Electronics Lab – B
  • EE415/EE515 VLSI Design I
  • EE4183/EE5183 Micro-Nano Fabrication
  • EE420/EE520 Nanoelectronics & Nanotechnology
  • EE6183 Advanced Semiconductor Devices
  • EE5900 Flextronics

Please use the Ohio University’s BlackBoard Platform pages for specific course info & materials