Below is a short list of main projects currently being pursued in Kaya Lab. Please contact Dr. Kaya until further details are posted.

1. Reconfigurable Digital and Tunable Analog NanoCircuits

2. Electrochemical Nanowire Growth on Nanoporous Templates for Nanosensors

3. SU8 & Microsphere Lithography Development for 2D Nanomagnetic Arrays, Photonics Applications and Nanosensors.

4. Dry Plasma Anodization for Metal Oxide Formatio nin Resistive Memory Devices.

5. Study of Pavement Surfaces with Atomic Force Microscopy.

6. Microfluidic Devices for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications and Protein/Cell Chips.

7. Transceiver Circuits and Nanoantennas for Network-on-Chip Applications.

8. nanO-stUdio Undegrate Exploration and Research Laboratory for Nanotechnology