Research in Kaya Lab falls into three main categories and have a very strong interdisciplinary components shared with researchers within the Russ College of Engineering at Ohio University and Nanoscale & Quantum Phenomena Institute (NQPI)

  • Nanomaterials & Nanostructures
    • Growth and characterization of novel nanostructured materials for multi-functional and efficient electronic systems
    • Enhancement and optimization of micro-nano fabrication processes
    • Novel patterning and surface functionalization techniques for low-cost and efficent nanostructures
  • Silicon Nanoelectronics & Microelectronics
    • Design, simulation and fabrication of novel devices
    • Low-power and ultra-compact mixed-signal circuits
    • Efficient, resilient & secure computational elements
  • Integrated Micro & Nano Sensors for Flexible & Printed Electronics
    • Development of novel electrochemical & biomolecular sensing devices
    • Lab-on-a-chip integration for Paper and Polymer based microfluidic devices
    • Highly wearable biomedical and deeply-embedded structural monitors

Please check our active projects and publications webpages for more information about recently completed and ongoing research activities.