Below gives a partial list of tools, equipments and facilities used and managed largely by our group or available to us in the collaborators labs that are included in the Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute (NQPI)

A variety of spectroscopic instrumentation and fabrication tools represent the core of the research capabilities of Nano-Scale Materials, Structures, and Devices Laboratory in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Ohio University. Our knowledgeable personnel are extensively trained in equipment operation, method development and applications. The list below provides detailed equipment description and specifications

Electrical and Magnetic Characterization

  • HP RF network analyzer and electrical device characterization upto 12.4GHz.
  • HP4145B 4-channel DC parameter analyzer (77-300K)
  • HP4274A Impedance (RCL) Analyzer upto 100kHz
  • HP4140B Quasistatic C-V analyzer and picoamp SMU.
  • Electrometer/High Resistance Meter, Keithley Model 6517A
  • Electromagnet 1.5 Tesla, Eastern Scientific
  • Gausmeter with probe, Keithley, Model 455
  • Cascade Summit 9000 Probe station, complete with microwave probes.
  • Various types of power supplies, amplifiers & pulse generator.

Micro & Nano Fabrication & Microscopy

  • RF sputtering system with three targets
  • DC Magnetron sputtering system with four guns.
  • Three pocket 6 kW electron gun evaporation system and conventional thermal evaporator
  • Reactive Ion Etcher March CS-1701 (compact RIE for metal/insulator/Si etch process)
  • Axic Benchmark 800 ICP Etcher for C4F8/SF6 based etches (Bosch process)
  • Axic Benchmark 800 PE-CVD system with 6 active process gases
  • Speedline technologies Spin Coater Model P6204
  • Wire bonding system West-Bond Model 7400C Series
  • Karl-Suss MJB3 contact Mask Aligner – 1 micrometer resolution
  • Sloan DekTak IIA Surface Profiler.
  • Electron beam lithography (JEOL JSM-6400A attached to JC Nabity NPGS 9.0 Writing System )
  • Atomic force microscope (Agilent 5500LS )
  • Hazlan Vibration Isolation System
  • Dagan Themal Stage and Controller
  • Scanning electron microscope (JEOL JSM-6400)
  • Amptek EDX system with dry Si Drift Detector

Analytical Microscopy and Auxiliary Tools (Provided by NQPI Colloborations)

  • Molecular beam epitaxy / scanning tunneling microscopy system
  • Low temperature scanning tunneling microscope for atomic manipulation
  • Optical microlithography (Karl Suss MJB3)
  • Rigaku X-ray powder diffractometer
  • Rigaku single crystal X-ray diffractometer / rotating anode
  • Microcantilever / optical microscope for bioadhesion measurements
  • Sputtering deposition system (Denton Vacuum)